We will serve the student body by continuing to enhance Clemson in the three areas that embody what it means to be a tiger: top-tier academics, close-knit community, and unmatched school spirit. Our Uproar is to provide a strong consistent voice for the student body through building upon our existing initiatives. When the student body passionately works together on a united front, we can have an unprecedented impact - creating an uproar that will echo throughout campus.


School Spirit

New Traditions

  • Spring Splash

    • We will advocate to begin this new tradition to foster the school spirit of Clemson, it will involve a concert in the amphitheater and students running into the reflection pond.

  • Last Day of Class Concert

    • We will advocate for this tradition that will provide a space for students to relax before finals and celebrate a semester full of hard work.

  • Organization Tailgates

    • We will continue to advocate for an organization tailgate lot during football season.

  • The Tiger’s Silent Roar - Memorial for students that have passed away.

    • We will advocate for the memorial event to become a tradition that will continue for years to come.

  • We will advocate for the Samuel J. Cadden Chapel to be realistically accessible by students.

Greek Life

  • We will add a Greek Affairs Chair to our Cabinet.

  • We will support Greek Events within councils.

  • We will advocate for Greek Life to have realistic access and usable space around campus to promote sense of community.

  • We will begin the conversation surrounding the construction of new Greek specific event space.

Student Voice & Accountability

  • We will continue the conversation with administration regarding a student holding a seat on the Board of Trustees.

  • We will advocate for a student fee audit to ensure all students are benefitting from the new Funding Board.

Athletics & Student Ticketing

  • We will continue to evaluate and solicit feedback regarding the student ticketing and ticket transfer system to make it as effective as possible.

  • We will continue to teach the student ticketing process at orientation.

  • We will continue to promote joint City & University events.

  • We will continue to support and advocate for Club Sports.


Freshman Experience

  • We will continue to revise Welcome Week activities to make them inclusive of all grade levels and focused on fostering school spirit and pride.

  • We will collaborate with University administration to continue to update and improve CU1000.

    • This would include teaching the alma mater and other Clemson traditions.

Academic Policies

  • Will continue to advocate to keep the Grade Distributions public and available to students.

  • We will advocate for the maintenance of an online syllabus bank accessible to all students.

  • We will advocate for a first time forgiveness policy when TigerOne card is lost, waiving the $30 TigerOne card replacement fee.

  • We will advocate to maintain our 16:1 student to teacher ratio to keep classes an appropriate size as we grow.

Student Organization’s Access to Space

  • We will advocate for a universal room reservation system to provide a streamlined method to reserve all spaces, academic and recreational, on campus.

  • We will advocate for student organizations to have realistic access to space around campus.

  • We will advocate for the implementation of interactive map kiosks around campus to help students and visitors feel more at home on campus.

  • We will ensure the information in these kiosks is adequate to recruit new students and make current students feel plugged in to all parts of campus.

Health & Safety

  • We will continue the discussion in regards to plans for a new and expanded Healthcare Facility.

  • We will advocate for the most effective and accessible use of Redfern and CAPS staff to provide for the needs of our growing student body.

  • We will help advertise and increase available resources for victims of sexual assault as well as develop a campus wide strategy to improve University wide attitude.

  • We will advocate for CUPD to host Student Ride Alongs to maintain good police-community relationships.


Involvement From All Students

  • We will facilitate conversation that highlights the unique experiences of underrepresented groups on campus.

  • We will work to incentivize and increase attendance at the campus wide days of service.


  • We will look to examine the gap in the cost of housing in various residence halls on campus.

  • We will advocate for textbooks to be tax free at the state level.

  • We will examine the structure of meal plans to work towards reducing the cost of on campus dining.

  • We will advocate for tuition transparency so students can better understand what their tuition funds.


  • We will work to expand the water bottle refilling stations around campus.

  • We will work to publicize and promote the use of the Kite Hill recycling center by off campus students without access to recycling programs in their residences.

  • Additionally, we will continue work with off campus housing complexes to make recycling available.

Parking & Transportation

  • We will advocate to bring Bird scooters to campus.

  • We will work to start innovative incentive programs with Parking Services.

  • We will look to continue to improve and promote the use of the University’s public transportation.